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Wreath-maker Stays Busy Helping Cancer Navigators

October 20, 2021 · Uncategorized

Prissy Caldwell is a faithful wreath-maker for Cancer Navigators. She put in her own words how she became involved in our annual wreath sale. Thank you Prissy!

I can’t remember what brought me to the Harbin Clinic Cancer Center that day when I first saw all the wreaths on display. I walked around and looked at them and thought, this would be a good idea for my friend Beth Parham and I to do next year.

I started with one wreath and it turned into three wreaths, and last year, it wound up being three fall wreaths and 16 Christmas wreaths.

I have to readily admit that it’s not just a “Prissy thing.” It’s more like a joint venture with family and friends (who are more like extended family).

Sometime last year, I received an email while I was at work stating I had tubs sitting at my truck. Huge tubs were more like it, filled with deco mesh, ribbon and work wreaths from my friend Angie. I learned later the tubs came via truck from Florida and more would arrive the next day. When I asked how much I owed, she simply replied, “I know what you’re going to do with them – enjoy.” You should have seen my living room as I went through all the tubs – just like a kid at Christmas.

Earlier this year, I got tired of being shut in and it was a little early to start yardwork, so I made a call to Sarah Husser at Cancer Navigators and asked if she’d have a way to raise money if I made some spring and summer wreaths, and she made it happen. So, wreath decorating became what I refer to as “mental therapy.”

My weakness are the bows – my mom used to make all of those, and I should have paid more attention. But Wayne Mullins made me a bow board and I think my bows are improving.

Wayne is also patient when I need to forage through Christmas decorations and the like at estate sales, and I load down his arms when we make deliveries to Cancer Navigators.

Beth Parham and I are always finding things that each other can use and picking up things for each other that are on sale, and we share photos of everything we make.

Then there are my two favorite critics and visual assistants – Patsy Strickland Mullins and Lisa Williams. Sometimes I get stuck and can’t decide if a wreath looks alright or needs something else or which ribbon or ornaments to use. Easy solution – take photos and send them to Patsy and Lisa and ‘voila’ I have an answer. And they’re always sending ‘samples’ they find on the internet or Facebook that I can draw ideas from for later.

Lisa also gifted me with Christmas items from her mother’s estate, and there is a wreath in this year’s batch, compliments of ornaments from a Christmas past from Patsy.

A couple of Christmases ago, my sister got me a new glue gun and glue skillet, and she keeps me supplied in glue for both. Last year, my brother-in-law made me a wreath stand to hang the wreaths on while I put them together.

And I can’t leave out Dad, a cancer survivor, who puts up with and dodges the ‘mess’ in the living room and doesn’t complain when I get so absorbed that lunch and supper is a little late!

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